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Eseeola Renovation

This home was an extensive renovation in the Eseeola Community of Linville, NC.  This reno was completely gutted and included an addition of a bedroom and bathroom on the second floor and large covered outdoor living space off the back of the home.  Everything in the home is custom including the beautiful cabinets and counter tops in the kitchen, and decorative tile work in the bathrooms.

Eseeola Renovation Exterior2
Eseeola Renovation Exterior1
Eseeola Renovation Exterior3
Eseeola Renovation Exterior4
Eseeola Renovation Exterior6
Eseeola Renovation Exterior5
Eseeola Renovation in the Snow
Eseeola Reonvation27
Eseeola Reonvation28
Eseeola Reonvation29
Eseeola Reonvation30
Eseeola Reonvation32
Eseeola Reonvation34
Eseeola Reonvation35
Eseeola Reonvation36
Eseeola Reonvation37
Eseeola Reonvation31
Eseeola Reonvation38
Eseeola Reonvation46
Eseeola Reonvation39
Eseeola Reonvation42
Eseeola Reonvation40
Eseeola Reonvation41
Eseeola Reonvation43
Eseeola Reonvation44
Eseeola Reonvation45
Eseeola Reonvation47
Eseeola Reonvation33
Eseeola Renovation Before After-1
Eseeola Renovation Before After-3
Eseeola Renovation Before After-2
Eseeola Renovation Before After-4
Eseeola Renovation Before After-5
Eseeola Renovation Before After-6
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